Timmco Insurance, Inc.
Susan Ames

1615 NE Broadway St.
Portland, OR 97232
7330 N Leavitt Ave
Portland, OR 97203
12700 NW Cornell Rd.
Portland, OR. 97229

503-288-8818 - Broadway St.
503-288-8764 (Fax) - Broadway St.
503-247-8111 - Leavitt Ave.
503-247-2950 (Fax) - Leavitt Ave.
503-644-5333 - Cornell Rd.

Timmco Insurance, Inc. was founded by William J. Timm in 1970. Bill brought to the fledgling company a quarter century of industry experience and a desire to provide his customers an independent friend in the insurance business. His philosophy still governs the way we do business today.

When it comes to purchasing insurance for your car, dream house or business, our agents provide guidance in selecting the right policy for your individual needs. We promise to be responsive and accessible to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Timmco, you always speak to a live person, never an automated telephone system.

While technology allows us to serve our customers with greater speed and accuracy, we never forget that ours is a very human business. Our products are promises that need to be kept. Our pledge is still sealed with a handshake and a reminder that we're here to help when you need us.